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  • There is zero correlation between rarity and quality. Many of the most amazing models were produced in large quantities over several years. If it ain't broke...
  • These are Mapex's top snares so "common" doesn't mean ubiquitous - just that more were produced of some models than others. 
  • Determining rarity can be quite subjective, as Mapex haven't published the production numbers of very many models. Models may change category as more information becomes available. 
  • There's not always a correlation between rarity at release and availability/price on the second hand market. Some models were produced in relatively large numbers, but rarely appear for sale now and can fetch quite high prices e.g. the Hammered Phosphor Bronze lines. 
  • Equally, low production numbers don't always equate to high resale values. Size, shell construction and finish, for example, are very important factors in determining the price bracket for any model. 
  • Models in the current range aren't categorised, with the exception of specific limited editions such as the Ralph Peterson Onyx.
  • The categories don't apply to the Japan only custom models, as they are pretty much ALL Super Rare or above. A few specific models are included however, such as the Titanium.